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Twist damascus 240 Gyuto


For anyone who is into larger kitchen knives, this one is an excellent choice. With an edge of 240mm, this Gyuto is definitely big, but due to the nice balance and thin thip the knife still feels light and nimble.

An eyecatcher tot his blade is the twist damascus  pattern. 60 layers, loosly twisted, give the steel an organic appearance. The damascus has been etched for a bit of dept and polished for a sublte pattern that will patina very nicely with use.

As a variation to the traditional Japanese octagonal Wa handles, this handle has some curves added to it. The extra weight at the rear of the handle helps putting the balance point of the knife right in front of the ricasso. Perfect for a pinch grip. A beautiful piece of stablized circassian walnut forms the basis of the handle, paired with a buffalo horn ferrule and a stainless steel spacer.


The blade has a slightly convex grind into a thin edge. A distal taper over the entire length gives it a thin tip, both for excellent cutting performance. This does mean, however, that the knife is not suitable for heavy chopping into bones, joints etc. Furthermore, the carbon steel requires a bit of extra maintenance to prevent rusting.

Blade: 1095 and 15N20 twistdamascus carbon steel, hardened to 60HRC, polished
Handle: Octagonal curved handle, Stabilized circassian walnut, buffalo horn and Stainless steel spacer 

Grind: Slightly convex, thin edge, distal taper into thin tip

Total length: 40.5cm
Edge length: 24cm
Blade height: 5.5 cm
Spine thickness: 2.8mm at the ricasso, 0.9mm at 2cm in front of the tip
Thickness above the edge: 0.20-0.25 mm
Overall weight: 211g

Idnr: G07

Price: Sold

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