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Terms and Conditions

For purchase of a handmade knife, or placing a custom order the following terms and conditions hold:


The party that places the order, or puchases the product is indicated as buyer. 

The selling party: KnippenbergKnives is indicated as seller. 

A custom order from the buyer for a knife made by the seller completely to the specifications and wishes to the seller is indicated as custom order.


The knives from KnippenbergKnives are all unique  and handmade. For that reason small uneveness and imperfections can be present in the material and finish. These unique qualities are cosmetic and do not affect the quality or performance of your knife. In case there are significant defects resulting from the handmade process, these will be taken care of as described in the section "warranty".


After commitment to the purchase of a knife, or signing of a custom order agreement, the buyer is obligated to fullfill the complete payment. The seller on the other hand is obliged to the deliver the product as agreed. 

The complete purchase price (shipping cost included) needs to completed before a product is shipped to the buyer.

In the case of a custom ordern the first half of the agreed amount needs to be payed upon agreement. Only after this first payment, the custom work wil start. When the custom order is completed to the satisfaction of both buyer and seller, the second half of the agreed amount needs to be payed. The product will only be shipped to the buyer after completion of both payments.



Shipping of a product will be done by insured shipping with track and trace and autograph confirmation only. Uninsured shipping is not possible. Shipping prices are not included in the prices listed on the website and have to be payed by the buyer. Shipping costs can be calculated upon request via the contact page and will be be calculated and added to the due amount before final payment. 

Any import duty costs are not included in the listed prices and have to be payed by the buyer. 


Because of the insured shipping, it is important that the buyer refuses any package upon delivery whenever the package is cleary damaged. Any damage to the shipped product during transport needs to be reported to the seller within 3 days upon delivery of the product using email. Photographs clearly showing the damage to the product, as well as the shipping package needs to be attached to this email.


On all handmade products by KnippenbergKnives a full warranty on fabrication flaws applies. In case of fabrication flaws, the seller will repair the flaws to no additional costs or reimburse the payed amount. Please note: shipping costs for return are for the buyer and are not refunded, as written in section "return and refund". The warranty does not hold for defects due to improper use. 

Not complying to the guidelines as listed in the "Knive care and use" document, which is supplied with the knife, as well as the guidelines on the "Knife care and use" section on the website is considered improper use. Improper use results into expiring of the waranty, and additional costs will be charged for any damage repair. Defects due improper use can be repaired as discussed in section "Repair of defects due to improper use". The seller reserves the right to decide whether defects are fabrication errors or damage due to improper use.

Return and refund

In case that the buyer is not satisfied with the deliverd product, it can be returned for a refund of the sales price as listed. The following conditions apply:  

- The buyer has to report the complaints via email to the seller within three days after reception of the product with clear reasoning for the return. The product has to be shipped within three working days after the return is reported. 

- Refund of  the full puchase amount is only possible when the product is returned in brand new unaltered conditions withouth any signs of use. 

-  The seller reserves the right to judge on the state of the returned knife and deem it used or unused. If the knife is not returned in unused conditions, the refund can be rejected completely or refunded only partially.

-  It is the buyers responsibility to return the product undamaged. The seller is not liable for any product loss or damage during transport on the return. The product has to be shipped insured and packaged and protected properly in the original package. 

- In case of a refund (either partially or full) no shipping cost will be refunded. In case of a return, shipping cost for the return will not be refunded by the seller and have to be payed by the buyer.

Repair of defects due to inproper use

In most cases, fabrication flaws and defects due to improper use can be repaired by the seller. In case of defects due to improper use ,the repair cost (as well as the shipping costs for the repair) are for the buyer. A repair request needs to be filed via email with clear description and photographs of the defects and the origin of the defects. The seller will estimate the severity of the defects and the repair costs based on the supplied information. After mutual agreement of the repair and costs, the buyer will return the product to the seller (while complying to the shipping guidelines in the "shipping" and "return and refund" sections). After receiving the shipment, the seller will assess the damage in person. In case the repair work or costs differ from the earlier assessment, the seller will contact the buyer and come to an agreement before any repairs will be performed. The repair cost (and shipping costs) needs to be payed by the buyer after the repair has been performed, for which an email notice will be sent. After the repair costs have been payed, the product will be returend to the buyer.



KnippenbergKnives is not responsible and does not accept liablity for any damage, harm, injuries or any safety issues that may result from (improper) use of KnippenbergKnives products. We make very sharp kitchen knives, use them with care and only for intended purposes.   



All the information and content on this site and derivatives including but not limited to information, descriptions, photographs, videos, audio articles, text and designs are owned by KnippenbergKnives and are prohibited for use in any commercial purposes and without written permission from the KnippernbergKnives.


Additional provisions 

KnippenbergKnives reserves all rights to alter these terms of conditions and other guidelines on the website where and whenever deemed necessary. KnippenbergKnives also reserves the right to refuse service or product sale to everyone who does not comply with the terms and conditions and guidelines described in this document and on the website.  

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