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Contact me for more information on the knives I make and any questions you might have. If you have a question on a specific knife, or want to buy it, please fill in the knife ID number as listed in the portfolio. If you are looking for a custom knive, completely to your own wishes, fill in your ideas in the form below and I'll contact you to discuss what is possible.  

By ordering a knife or starting a custom build you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions. For this contact form, the Cookies and Privacy Policy holds. 


Jeroen Knippenberg

Esdek 21

6034PA Nederweert Eind, Nederland

tel. +316-21671309

Chamber of Commerce Nr:   89147901

Tax Nr:  NL004696403B02

Jeroen Knippenberg is een messenmaker bij KnippenbergKnives. Hij maakt keukenmessen. Handgemaakt, stock removal, san-mai, damast, damascus steel, staal, snijgeometrie, gyuto ,nakiri ,bunka , ko-bunka ,hamon , smeden, forged in fire, aambeeld, hamer, bandschuurmachine, beltgrinder, warmtebehandeling, heat treatment, harden, Rockwell, HRC, Quench, Normaliseren, normalising, annealing, zachtgloeien, spanningsarm gloeien, ontlaten, tempering, ambacht, uniek, exotisch hout, hardhout, wa-handle. Design, comfort, ergonomie, koksmes, keukenmes. Pinch grip, snijplank, chefkok, michelin, restaurant, hobbykok, s-grind, convex grind, flat grind, convexe snede, scherp, bevel, Nederland, The Netherlands, Weert,

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