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Knifemaking is a journey


For me, knifemaking is the ultimate combination of a love for food, a passion for creating with my hands, and applying the knowledge of my technical background. 

My name is Jeroen Knippenberg and I live in The Netherlands, near Weert. By trade I am a Mechanical Engineer. I have a dayjob as Process Engineering at a heat- and surface treatment facility, and a parttime job in knifemaking where I strive to make the best kitchen knives I can. Ever since I was a little boy I was cooking and baking and enjoyed the results with my family. I always had the drive to figure out 'how things work' which gave me a deep interest in Technology. This interest lead me into my education in Mechanical Engineering, where I got intrigued by metallurgy.  

At the end 2017 my girlfriend and I moved to a new house where I had the possibility to turn the garage into my own workshop and that finally allowed me to start making whatever I desired. In a couple of months I filled the workshop with tools and built my first knife. The overwhelming satisfaction of preparing a delicious dinner for my girlfriend with a knife I build completely with my own hands got me addicted to knifemaking and I have kept making knives ever since.

Learning everything I can in knifemaking is a journey I really enjoy and that helps me in striving for perfection. The perfect knife for me is all about performance. Razor sharp, cuts like a dream and is very comfortable to use. But off course, no reason to not make it really beautiful while you're at it :-).

A lot of my inspiration comes from Japanese knives and knifemakers. Very hard carbon steel, delicate, very sharp and designed and made for the task at hand. I like making knives special by using exclusive steel, like pattern welded damascus, San Mai constructions or differentially hardened steel with a hamon. Finishing such a knife off with an elegant handle makes it a  beautiful center piece for your kitchen to be used for a lifetime if you take good care of it.


Via my portfolio you can have a look at my work and knives for sale. If you have any questions or are interested in doing a full custom knife build to meet all your wishes, please contact me.      

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