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Compact K-tip Full Tang 175mm 


Compact, handy and a bit smaller. This kitchen knife is a great compact allround knife for people who like using a pinch grip. It is small, and nimble but still performs very well. 

The beautiful twist damascus consists of about 100 layers and is etched for a bit of depth and polished nicely. This gives a sublt damascus look and feel withouth being too bold. This perfectly matches with wood grain in the olivewood handle scales. The entire tang perimeter is etched as well to maintain the damascus pattern all around and the plungeline has been rounded to match the front of the handle. 

This knife has a hefty but very comfortable rounded spine and an S-grind with a thin edge for great best cutting performance. This grind leads into a thin tip as well. Perfect for dicing an onion for example.  This does mean, however, that the knife is not suitable for heavy chopping into bones, joints etc. Furthermore, the carbon steel requires a bit of maintenance to prevent rusting.

Blade: 1.2842 (O2)and 75Ni8 (15N20) carbon steel twistdamascus, hardened to 60HRC, polished
Handle: Compact, full tang, olivewood and stainless corby bolts 

Grind: S-grind, thin edge,  thin tip

Total length: 26.5cm
Edge length: 17.5cm
Blade height: 4.5 cm
Spine thickness: 3.7mm at the ricasso, 1.0mm at 2cm in front of the tip
Thickness above the edge: 0.20 mm
Overall weight: 148g

Available in the store of Firma Moes in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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