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Turkish Twist Damascus integral 210mm



This integral kitchen knife is my first piece of 2024 and it sets the direction for KnippenbergKnives in this new year: Unique pieces, integral kitchen knives,  spectacular and purposeful damascus steel, creative transitions between bolster and handle. All these elements come together into one elegant design.

The eyecatcher of this knife is the forged-to-shape turkish twist damascus steel. The blade has been composed out of six separate bars of twist damascus steel and two welded on bolsters, that result into this spectacular pattern.

The handle is made from a single piece of dyed stabilized poplar burl of which the grain perfectly matches the bold damascus pattern. The combination of clean facets and flowing curves make this handle both comfortable in use and beautiful to look at.  

​For excellent cutting performance, this knife has a slightly convex grind into a thin edge and tip. The balance point is right in front of the bolster.

​The thin grind on the knife does mean, however, that the knife is not suitable for heavy chopping into bones, joints etc. Furthermore, the carbon steel requires a bit of extra maintenance to prevent rusting.

Blade: O2, O1 and 75Ni8 Turkis Twistdamascus carbon steel, hardened to 62±1HRC, etched for contrast and depth
Handle: Dyed Stablized Poplar burl, Contoured with crisp facets and a heriloom fit into an integral bolster. 

Grind: Slightly convex grind, thin edge, distal taper into thin tip


Total length: 33.5cm
Edge length: 21cm
Blade height: 4,8 cm
Spine thickness: 2mm at the bolster, 0.8mm at 2cm in front of the tip
Thickness above the edge: 0.15 mm
Overall weight: 217g

Available in the store of Firma Moes in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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