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Phoenix Integral Chef 170mm


Phoenix is a 170mm integral chefsknife with a seldomly seen horizontal tang construction. Combining four different alloys of steel allows me to make this multi colour damascus pattern. 

The feather damascus pattern flows troughouth the knife from the tang into the bolster, into the blade and is a true eyecatcher. This Knife has been awarded "Best Chef Knife" at the Dutch Knife Exhibition 2024.

The comfortable handle is made of desert ironwood scales with stainless steel corby bolts. Because of the integral bolster, the balance is slightly rearward into the handle.

All scale, tang and bolster edges have a light chamfer to prevent any hard uncomfortable edges if the wood moves a bit over the upcoming years of use.


For great cutting performance, this knife has a subtle convex grind into a thin tip. 


As said, the knife is made of high carbon steel, which means that a patina will form on the steel and some maintenance is required to prevent rust. A regular coat of oil helps to protect the knife and keep the deep blacks looking shiny. 

Blade: Carbon steel multi colour feather damascus (1.2842 (O2), 75Ni8 (15N20), 1.2510 (O1) and 1.2442) at 61±1HRC
Handle: Integral bolsters with horizontale tang. Desert Ironwood and stainless steel corby bolts.  

​Grind: Convex grind, thin edge, distal taper into thin tip​

Total length: 28cm
Edge length: 17cm
Blade height: 4.7 cm
Spine thickness: 2.5mm at bolster, 0.8m  2cm in front of tip
Thickness behind the edge: 0.15 mm
Total Weight: 178g

ID: Phoenix

Price: €1650,-

(excluded shipping cost and potential additional import duties and taxes outside of the EU)


Orders can be placed on the contactpage listing the Knife ID. 

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