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Feather damascus 140 Petty


So many little details are to be discovered in this compact little 140 Petty. The feather pattern on the blade is a quite unique damascus pattern tha is rarely found in kitchen knives. The damascus has been etched for a bit of dept and a lot of contrast, for this bold look.

As a variation to the traditional Japanese octagonal Wa handles, this handle has some curves added to it. The handle has a sginificant taper towards the front, making it perfect for a pinch grip. A beautiful piece of dyed stablized curly mango wood forms the basis of the handle, paired with a stainless steel spacer.


The blade has been ground into a thin edge, with a deep S-grind for excellent cutting performance and foodrelease.. This does mean, however, that the knife is not suitable for heavy chopping into bones, joints etc. Furthermore, the carbon steel requires a bit of extra maintenance to prevent rusting.

Blade: 1095 and 15N20 feather damascus carbon steel, hardened to 60HRC, high contrast etch
Handle: Octagonal curved handle, Stabilized dyed curly mango wood,  and Stainless steel spacer 

Grind: Deep Sgrind, thin convex, edge

Total length: 27cm
Edge length: 14cm
Blade height: 4.2 cm
Spine thickness: 2.5mm at the ricasso
Thickness above the edge: 0.15 mm
Overall weight: 299g

Idnr: BlueJay

Not available

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