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Twist damascus Santoku


This robust kitchen knife is fit for every job in the kitchen. The blade has been made of a unique multibar twist damascus steel from three different steels (O1, 75Ni8, 118w8) made by Maarten van Hattem.  The cutting edge is O1 steel for a robustness and cutting performance. The knife are equiped with a compund grind (hollow & flat) to reduce cutting friction and food release. The octagonal wa handles are made of African Balckwood with a beautifull subtle grain. The wood on the handle is paired with a three colour homemade mokumé gané ferrule. The handle is tapered towards the front and the spine and choil of the blade are rounded for a more comfortable pinch grip

Steel: High carbon multibar twist damascus steel (O1, 75Ni8, 118w8) with O1 edge 

Handle: African Blackwood, three colour mokumé gané

Grind: Robust compound grind (hollow & flat)

Ergonomics: Rounded spine and choil, tapered handle

Total length: 32cm

Edge length: 18cm

Blade height: 4.9 cm

Thickness above edge: 0.35 mm

Blade thickness: 3mm without distal taper

Total weight: 152g

Idnr: S01

Price: €375,- (shipping included)

Orders can be placed via the contact page indicating the IDnr

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