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Black Widow Integral Chefsknife


The Black Widow knife is a 210mm cutting edge integral chefsknife with a seldom seen horizontal tang construction. Combining high carbon uhb20c (1095 equivalent) steel with pure nickel allows me to make this high contrast lightning bolt damascus pattern. 


The knife has a compact handle design, intended for pinch grip use and a balance point just in front of the bolster.The handle is made of a rare stabilized piece of 5440 year old (carbon dated) bog oak with stainless steel corby bolts. This very dark wood with some subtle grain goes very well with the high contrast blade.

All scale, tang and bolster edges have a light chamfer to prevent any hard uncomfortable edges if the wood moves a bit over the upcoming years of use.


For unparalleled cutting performance and food release, this knife has a subtle s-grind and full distal taper. 


As said, the knife is made of high carbon steel, which means that a patina will form on the steel and some maintenance is required to prevent rust. A regular coat of oil helps to protect the knife and keep the deep blacks looking shiny. 

Blade: UHB20c (1095eq) with pure Nickel Lighteningbolt Damascus at 61HRC
Handle: Integral bolsters with horizontale tang. Stabalized Bog Oak and stainless corby bolts.  

​Grind: Subtle Sgrind, thin edge, distal taper into thin tip​

Total length: 33cm
Edge length: 21cm
Blade height: 5.3 cm
Spine thickness: 3.5mm at bolster, 1mm  2cm in front of tip
Thickness behind the edge: 0.20 mm
Total Weight: 185g

IDnr: IC01

Price: no longer available

Orders can be placed via the contact page indicating the IDnr

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