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This very usefull utility knife is a small version of a Japanese bunka knife. It's made to be thin, light and very sharp for the more delicate cutting tasks.

Unique to this knife is on one hand the historic wrought iron used as cladding in this san mai steel. For uncompromised cutting performance, the core of the blade as a very pure high carbon 125SC steel. On the other hand, the knife features a experimental grind: Flat grind on the left side and an S grind on the right side of the blade. 

The multi piece wa-style octagonal handle is made for a classic look with a modern twist.

Steel: San-Mai 125SC core and wrought iron cladding  

Handle: Stabalized maple burl, faux ivory and copper spacer 

Grind: Asymmetric S grind and flat grind

Ergonomics: Rounded spine and choil, tapered handle

Total length: 25cm

Blade length: 13.5cm

Blade height: 3.8 cm

Blade thickness: 2,5mm 

Total weight: 78g

Idnr: KB02

Price: no longer available

Orders can be placed via the contact page indicating the IDnr

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