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Integral twist damascus 210 Gyuto


The top of the bill for kitchen knives, in my opinion, are damascus steel intergral knives. Handle and blade become one, and transition beautifully. The integral bolsters adds a bit of weight to the knife, which helps a lot when cutting food.

The blade is forged out of one single piece of 20 layer twist. A course pattern that flows gracefully from the bolster into the blade because of the knife being forged to shape. 

One single piece of Desert Ironwood and a combination of flowing lines and crips facets form the handle on this gyuto. The handle flows from the bolster shape with a classy heirloom fit.  

The handle is very comfortable in the hand, both in a regular grip and pinch grip. With the balance point right at the frontside of the bolster, this knife feels very nimble in hand. 


he damascus has been etched for a bit of dept and polished for a sublte pattern that will patina very nicely with use.


The blade has a S-grind, which is a combination between hollow bevels and a thin convex edge. The S-grind, in combination with a distal taper over the entire length gives it a thin tip, both for excellent cutting performance. This does mean, however, that the knife is not suitable for heavy chopping into bones, joints etc. Furthermore, the carbon steel requires a bit of extra maintenance to prevent rusting.

Blade: 1095 and 15N20 twistdamascus carbon steel, hardened to 60HRC, polished and etched for contrast
Handle: Desert Ironwood, Contoured with crisp facets and a heriloom fit into an integral bolster. 

Grind: S-grind with a convex, thin edge, distal taper into thin tip

Total length: 35cm
Edge length: 22cm
Blade height: 4,75 cm
Spine thickness: 4,3mm at the bolster, 0.7mm at 2cm in front of the tip
Thickness above the edge: 0.1-0.15 mm
Overall weight: 211g

Available in the store of Firma Moes in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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