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Honyaki Gyuto 180mm


This beautiful gyuto is all about cutting performance and looks. The blade has thin convex grind and distal taper for a thin edge and tip with just a little bit of flexibility.  The differentially hardening and polishing give this knife its characteristic and lively hamon. Both the spine and choil of the knife are rounded for comfort.

The handle has a traditional octagonal wa shape with tapered sides for comfort. The combination of the dyed stabilized maple wood and raindeer antler make for a beautiful handle with incredible details.

Steel: 1095 high carbon steel, differentially hardend and polished hamon.

Handle: Dyed stabilized Maple, reindeer antler

Grind: Thin convex grind

Ergonomics: Rounded spine and choil, tapered handle


Total length: 31cm

Edge length: 18cm

Blade height: 3.9 cm

Blade thickness: 3,9mm with distal taper into a thin tip

Thickness above edge: 0.1 mm

Total weight: 120g

Idnr: G03

Price: €350,- (shipping included)


Orders can be placed via the contact page indicating the IDnr

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