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San-Mai Nakiri


Nakiri's  are traditionally used for chopping vegetables, and because of its very thin grind, this knife cuts like a dream. The rustic look is achieved by using historic wrought iron on the blade. For uncompromised cutting performance 125sc high carbon steel is used for the cutting edge in a san-mai construction. 


This Nakiri has quite a thin full flat grind with a bit of forge scale left on the upper part. The spine and choil are rounded.

The nice lean octagonal wa handle is made out of wengé and african blackwood, with a copper spacer and a ferrule of homemade copper and brass mokume gane.


Steel: San-Mai 125SC core and wrought iron cladding  

Handle: Wengé, African blackwood, copper spacer, homemade copper and brass mokume gane

Grind: Thin full flat grind

Ergonomics: Rounded spine and choil, tapered handle


Overall length: 30.5cm

Blade length: 16.5cm

Blade height: 5.0cm

Blade thickness at handle: 2.5mm 

Total weight: 152g

Idnr: N02

Price: no longer available

Orders can be placed via the contact page indicating the IDnr

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